One of the major roles that the Gauteng Film Commission plays is to support and promote the film and television production industry in Gauteng. During this last quarter there were four projects that the GFC supported namely;  Stranger’s call, VR6, The Sacrifice and the short film ‘Kwanele’. As part of the support all three production companies have afforded two students a job shadowing opportunity in different fields on each production.

Stranger`s Call  - AG Entertainment
Focusing on a felony and encouraging social cohesion. It aims to reinstall moral regeneration and promote education

The story about a ‘smash and grab’ thief who ends up being the fastest 100m sprinter in the country. After realizing his talent of running his friends motivate Tumelo to join a white school running club. He ends up becoming the best in the game. Before reaching the national tournament, his past catches up with him and the drama unfolds. VR6 is considered to be the fastest car engine in the townships, hence the nickname and title of the film.  

The Sacrifice – Agito Pty (Ltd)
Located in the northern center of Pretoria. Two worlds raging war against each other. Spiritually motivated, taken from a part of scripture in the Bible, Chapter 2 Corinthians 5: 15 “it is an emotionally stirring portrait that tells a story of twin brothers, born and raised in a Christian family. One kept the morals and standards of their Christian upbringing but the other lived recklessly the result being the consequences that come with that lifestyle.

The result is The Sacrifice is an emotionally stirring and life changing portrait into the life of two brothers .

Broadcast Partnership
GFC partnered with Zinokwanda Media in the production of their short film “Kwanele’ which will be flighted on Mzanzi Magic Chanel 161 on the 25th of December at 17:00.