Hear Me Move premieres on Afrostream

Landmark South African dance film Hear Me Move has begun streaming on Afrostream, a niche subscription video on demand (SoVD) service that showcases African and African-American content in Europe and Africa.

Coal Stove Pictures, the company behind Hear Me Move, said in a statement last week that the film had already had over 350 shares on Afrostream's SoVD Facebook page since its launch on the service on 13 October, and was receiving "an exponentially increasing number of streams".

Currently available in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Senegal and Ivory Coast, Afrostream is bringing Afro-American and African movies and TV series to the smartphone, tablet and PC screens of a passionate audience that is growing by the day.

"There are one-billion people in Africa, some 300-million of whom have or will soon have broadband internet access," Coal Stove Pictures notes.

Taking SA dance culture to the world

Filmed in and around Soweto and Johannesburg, and shot in local languages laced with township lingo, Hear Me Move is an exciting South African addition to the dance film canon, providing a local challenge to a genre that includes such well-loved films such as Fame and Step Up.

Featuring an all-South African cast and a 100% local soundtrack, the movie introduces the world to the unique South African dance forms of Sbujwa and Pantsula, with high-energy dance sequences choreographed by the award-winning Paul Modjadji.

The film had a successful run in South African cinemas in February-March 2015, following its premiere at the 2014 Durban International Film Festival, and has screened at film festivals across Europe and North America, as well as in Brazil and New Zealand.

Hear Me Move was made with support from the Department of Trade and Industry, Industrial Development Cooperation, Gauteng Film Commission, and National Film and Video Foundation.

Source: staff reporter

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